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The Masters is designed to promote a high-quality educational offer in the area of advanced and intelligent robotics. After graduation the students will have mastered the different areas of robotics (Mathematical modeling, Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical design) in order to be able to deal with Robotics systems as a whole rather than just to concentrate on one particular area.

Although the EMARO+ programme is applied primarily within the context of robotic systems, the concepts covered can be applied to a much wider range of other engineering and economical systems. The career prospects for EMARO+ graduates are therefore excellent. They can be employed in many industrial and economical companies, as the courses are relevant to today’s high technology society. By graduating from EMARO+ Masters course, the student will have the following competences:
  • Profound scientific and technical knowledge of Robotics Engineering and the skills to use this knowledge effectively.


  • Capability to master the modern techniques in developing and designing innovative Robotic systems such as modelling, simulation, optimisation, analysis, and control.


  • Capability to work both independently and in multidisciplinary teams, interacting effectively with specialists and taking initiatives where necessary.


  • Capability to communicate effectively (both by written and oral presentations) in an international context,


  • Capability to adopt the most suitable methods for the problem at hand and select the technological components needed to implement the proposed solution.

  • Capability to transfer high techniques methodology from university to industry.


The EMARO+ Master course has gained strong support from the industrial and academic worlds, proving the strong relevance of this type of international cooperation in teaching and research at the graduate level. The job placements of EMARO+ students indicate that 42% of them have been accepted in Ph.D positions in Europe and abroad, 36% have been hired by industrial companies, 16% as Engineers in research laboratories, and 6% in other domains.