Advanced Robotics

After acceptance


1. What kind of acceptance letters shall I receive?

You will receive acceptance letters from the coordinator (Ecole Centrale de Nantes) and the first and second institutions (unless it is Ecole Centrale de Nantes, who already sends one, as coordinator).

A scanned copy of the acceptance letters will be send first by E-mail. In case of more than 10 days delay between the E-mail and the hard copy versions, send a mail to the contact persons. These letters will allow you to apply for the visa. Please acknowledge reception of the mail-messages and the hard copy letters.

2. What type of Visa: Do I need to obtain the visa to both countries of study?

An accepted student has to obtain “A long stay student visa” from the country of the first institution.

At the end of the first year, the student asks for a visa from the country of the second institution. A student who has UG as first or second institution must obtain from the Italian Embassy of his country the document called “ Declaration of Value-Dichiarazione di Valore”.
The Declaration of Value is a document which you can get ONLY from your home-country’s Italian embassy.

3. Is Schengen visa sufficient?

No, to have residency permit you need a long stay student visa. The Schengen visa is valid UP TO 3 months.

4. How long do I need to obtain the visa?

It depends on the nationality of the student and on his country of residence. In some cases, it may take two to three months. Thus, ask for your visa as soon as you have been accepted. For the second year visa, it is better to obtain it from Europe at the end of the first year, rather than from your home country.

5. Can you find me a housing?

The international offices of EMARO+ institutions will help you find an appropriate housing and will provide you with the necessary welcome procedure.